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  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 11

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 11

    About five minutes later, the three hostages squinted as the door opened and the sun lanced their eyes. A silhouette peered in at them. “Well, I’ve waited for this day a long time, Malloy,” a peppy voice told him. It was Wells.

  • beautiful terrible depth – Inkonsequence

    beautiful terrible depth – Inkonsequence

    Caleb blinked. He had to breathe in one time too many in order to keep his voice steady. “You think I killed him.” Of course she did. That had been obvious from the first time she’d introduced herself. He was ashamed of the chill that had spread over him as he’d said the thought aloud. Where had the excitement gone? Why was the fear back? It was stronger and had taken on more forms than ever. “I think that’s a possibility.” *WARNING: Story contains murder and creepiness*

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 10

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 10

    Malloy stood ready before Jus came back for him. He took a last look at the blanketed figure in the dark and let his anger rise. He didn’t know if Mac would have, but he had to.

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 9

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 9

    The way back to Bobby and Reed seemed long. At last he turned the corner of the dead-end aisle and saw Bobby’s face. It shone against the shadowed floor, pale and wet, like the moon’s reflection in a rain puddle.

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 8

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 8

    The man glared at Malloy but quickly regained control. He gave a short laugh. “Right; you’re a sergeant, one of the few who’s completely bought into that,” he pointed to the door of car 012, “‘to protect and to serve’ stuff. How long have you been protecting and serving, Sergeant Malloy?”

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 7

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 7

    Malloy knew how he felt; he also was sickened to be stuck in the middle of this. It was one thing to tangle with bad guys; you didn’t know their story. Nothing could excuse them, but at least you could assume a weakness, something to lessen their evil. With your own brothers, though… What could you do with that? One dirty cop made you realize you’re not as safe as you thought. You’re not as clean…

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 6

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 6

    A sob came from his right, and Malloy looked down at Bobby. He hadn’t moved since the men had left. “I’m sorry,” the boy whispered. “I’m so sorry. But he’s right; I need you. Someone needs to be here for my sister.”

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 5

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 5

    Blood spotted the right leg of Bobby’s jeans. A wound from his hip bled through his shirt, but it was his left hand that drew Malloy’s gaze; it was spread over his stomach, rising and falling with each painful breath. It was covered in thick, bright red.

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 4

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 4

    A man (late-forties, wearing a blue serviceman jumper, brown eyes, about 6’3″ and 240 pounds) stood behind and to the left of Reed, eyes and shotgun trained on the younger officer’s back. Small leaves stippled green in his gray-black hair; he’d crawled through the bushes to knock Reed’s gun from his hands. His eyes flicked to Malloy. “Hands high, where I can see them.”

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 3

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 3

    A sound ricocheted around them; one of the warehouse doors had been thrown open. A girl (mussed, straight brown hair, about 5’4″, 110 pounds, baggy maroon sweater and blue jeans) leaped down to ground-level, fell on her hands and knees, and regained her feet. A big guy (about 280, balding brown and brown, about 5’11”, gray sweat suit) followed her, holding a revolver. As the girl ran, he raised the gun and took aim.

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