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The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of my Adam-12 fan fiction story! You can find Chapter 1 here.

“Uh, Jim? About the sergeant thing…” Malloy grimaced. “You know how I said it might not happen for a while?”


“Well, at least six months.” He told Reed about the Captain’s opinion and Mac’s decision.

Reed’s frown was heartwarming. “That’s so rotten! You didn’t do anything to convince him that you were more than an officer! He did it on his own.”

Malloy shrugged. His friend’s feelings did a lot to appease his own; he returned to his stoicism.

Reed kicked the table leg, causing his coffee to jump, but not quite spill. Then he sighed. “Though, honestly, it’s probably a good thing.”

“Not you, too!” Malloy’s eyes were wide. “First Mac says he’s been pushing me too hard and takes away the promotion he offered me. Now your vote of incompetence?”

“It’s not you, Pete! You could have been sergeant before I even graduated the academy.”

“Then what?”

“It’s Jean.”

Malloy sat back in his chair, one eye-brow raised. “Jean?”

“Yeah. I think she just needs more time to get used to the idea of all this change.” Reed combed his hair with his fingers. “Part of the reason I didn’t get enough sleep today was how upset she got when I mentioned your good news. She’s convinced that I can’t take care of myself out there, and that if you become sergeant, I’ll die within the first week. I tried to tell her how ridiculous that was–”

Malloy couldn’t hold the laughter any longer. It was short, more of a choke, really. He turned it into sarcasm just as soon as he could. “I’m sorry, Jim, but she’s right, you know. With your driving skills, you’ll crash before you’re out of the parking lot.”

Reed frowned. “She’s right about something else, too.” He stood up. “If I do, it will be your fault. You never let me practice.” He strode from the room, leaving Malloy to clean up his coffee.

~ * ~

Malloy got a late start dressing, so he came in a few minutes after the beginning of roll call. There wasn’t a seat beside Reed. He rolled his eyes and stayed at the back.

After it was over, the younger officer disappeared down the hall. Malloy raised an eyebrow. “Grumpy,” he muttered.

Reed was waiting in the car. He hadn’t brought Malloy’s gear.

Malloy stowed his helmet and briefcase in the trunk. Then he walked over to the passenger side window.

Reed only looked up when Malloy tapped on the glass. He rolled it all the way down, letting in the fresh night air. But he didn’t speak.

“Two things, Jim,” Malloy said. “First, try, really try to get more sleep tomorrow. Second…” Malloy held up the keys. “You wanna drive?”

Reed’s eyes were wide. “You mean it?”

Malloy took a breath and nodded.

Reed’s jaw dropped. Malloy could just pick out the upturn of the corners of his wide mouth. “I get to practice driving until you become a sergeant?”

A physical pain jumped between Malloy’s heart and his stomach. “Whoa, Partner. Let’s take this slow. If Jean needs to get used to the idea, just think what I need. For now, let’s say… once a week…”

Reed jumped out and held the door. His beaming smile was brighter than the parking lot lights. “You won’t be sorry, Pete.”

Malloy smiled. “I know, Partner. I know.” He lowered himself into the unfamiliar territory known as the passenger side.

Reed practically climbed over the hood to open the driver’s side door, and he shoved the key into the ignition.

“Gently, Jim. Gently.”

The younger officer put the car in reverse and slammed down the gas pedal.

Malloy grabbed at the dashboard as the car lurched backwards. “Slow, Jim!” he yelped. “Did you even look behind us? Slow!”

“That was slow, Pete. Just wait ‘til I get used to it.”

Malloy felt the worry creep up between his eyebrows. “Yeah…”


Copyright © Inkant

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