Month: April 2022

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 2

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 2

    Malloy had had six hours to think of what to say. And still all he could come up with was the truth… Or at least part of it. “He wanted to continue the discussion we had last night.” “Oh. The sergeant thing?” Malloy smirked. “Yeah. The sergeant thing.”

  • The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 1

    The Sergeant Thing: Chapter 1

    “When I said we’re stretched thin, I meant sergeants, too. And I was serious in what I said last night. You would make a fine sergeant; we need one like you.” Mac shook his head and looked the junior officer up and down. “But what did you do, instead of considering it? You blew it off, like a prom invitation from an ugly girl.”

  • 3 AM Friend – Inkonsequence

    3 AM Friend – Inkonsequence

    It was 3 AM, and she was awake. Again.

  • Nicodemus – Inkant

    Nicodemus – Inkant

    The Temple, though high and broad, was filled with the motion of the people. For many days, however, it had seemed still and airless to Nicodemus. He couldn’t even bring himself to come every day anymore. Tears gathered in his eyes. He pressed his lips together and breathed in the lifelessness.

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